It's Finally Here!

The SFX demo update is finally here! Yay!!! 

This update has taken longer than anticipated due to unexpected health issues, moves, and other random chaos that 2020 seems rife with. But thank you all so much for your patience and kind comments. It's really helped to keep us motivated through everything! 

We hope you enjoy playing with sound effects and let us know what you think of the changes! Or if you come across any problems. (But please take note that if you click through quickly some of the sound effects may sound off or not sync right.)

A list of changes can be found down below. Thanks again! Now we move onward to adding music!

CoffeeCat and CrowOfWhimsy

Update changelog

Noteworthy changes this update

  • Sound effects have been added!
  • Added extra dialog about ball gown choice.
  • Added Dandelion nickname to both 'look back' and 'Don't look back' scenes.
  • Fixed alpha transition ( aka sprite "ghosting") issue when skipping or clicking fast.
  • Fixed the issue with sprite transitions not executing while skipping. (Sprites will now correctly move from one screen location to the next even when skipping.)
  • Added new test volume buttons next to volume sliders in preferences.
  • Added reset to default buttons next to sliders in preferences.
  • Made other various UI changes.

Minor changes/fixes this update

  • Fixed spacing issue in dialog text.
  • Made carriage shakes less frequent.
  • Altered some transitions/expressions and timing to better accommodate SFX.  
  • Changed some dialog to better fit with SFX.
  • Changed Guy ball CG to a LiveComposite instead of having two separate CG's for eye movement. (saves space).
  • Fixed typos and tense.


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Nov 16, 2020

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I LOVE this game so much!!!! This is my favorite period game of all time!! You're doing an amazing job and this is so much fun!! It is so unique and has so many cool details that set it apart! Thank you for making such an awesome game! <3

Thank you so much! Praise indeed 🥰 we appreciate it and thank you for playing and we are thrilled you enjoyed it. 


I love the sound effects! It really brings the story to life! I can't wait for the full routes on these guys! I love your work so much. Truths untold is definitely one I'll be anxious to play! :D

Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️