Slow but Steady....

Hello all,

We apologize for the long gap between updates. We had a combination of setbacks. There was a flooded ground floor (Poor CrowOfWhimsy,) family visits, vacations, etc.  But we have continued to move forward.
The scene we have been working on piggy-backs off of the last scene, which was a doozy, so this one also had a crazy amount of variations.  
We have written about 14,000 words since the last update. We hope the time spent on these scenes will be well worth your patience and that slow and steady will truly win the race (or in our case, win a wonderful finished product.)  

Thank you all for following and for all your comments. I read them all and each one is greatly appreciated!
I hope this update finds you all well.

~ CoffeeCat and CrowOfWhimsy





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May 27, 2021

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Were you, by any chance, involved with a game called "Regency Love?"  This isn't the same as that game, but there seems to be a similarity of characters and the writing style seems familiar somehow.  

No, we weren’t. But thank you, we’ve heard good things about that vn ❤️😉

You all are so kind! Thank you so much🥰

Thank you so much for the update - hope things are smoother sailing going ahead for your team! Looking forward to exploring the new scenes! ✨

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so happy to see you are still working on it despite it all !!

i haven't played it yet bcz it's just AGONY to w8 for udates and i like to binge but so looking forward to this as i LOVE the art. thank you for this!!!


Glad to hear that you're all doing well despite the setback, and that work on this game is still going strong. I really loved what I played so far, and am looking forward to what comes in future.

Best of luck! :)

I hope the recent flooding in July left you and your family/friends relatival unharmed.

Thank you for the update.


I hope you're all doing better! Take care! And I'm sure your hard work will be worth it. I'm excited to see future updates :)


Wishing you guys the best, Stay safe! I also look forward to youre future updates :D


Hope the team is doing better/well. Looking forward to future updates. :)