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Hello Everyone!

First of all, a thousand apologies for taking so long to do a Devlog. But let me fill you all in on what we’ve been working on.

We have a large arc we are ramping up for.  Where we will be introducing several new side characters, lots of events, explore character growth and dynamics, and have some revelations about characters we know and love. This should be super fun but also a lot to juggle and a little daunting, but hopefully this arc will help make the world feel bigger and more lived in. 

We don't have a word count to share this Devlog because we've been mostly planning these scenes in more detail and laying ground work for this arc in transitional scenes, which CrowofWhimsey has been doing a lot of work and outlining on. She has also been doing some additional historical research to help prepare. Our hope is that even if we take some creative liberties in these scenes it will still feel grounded in the period.

Hopefully all this planning will also help prevent branch creep ( like we have had in previous scenes that were a beast to do and almost cost us our sanity :) There is going to be a lot going on and needing to be tracked in these scenes, but we hope to avoid that by not making too many branches and paths.

We have also been playing around with some narrative aspects which we will soon be making some minor changes to in the demo to better fall in line with these new ideas.  Don’t worry, nothing major! Most of you would likely not even notice them if we didn't tell you about the planned changes. ;)

Lastly, we have a Ko-fi account set up now for CrowofWhimsy. Ko-fi works kind of like a virtual tip jar. Its just a way to show some love and appreciation through monetary tips for anyone who would like to.

Here is a message from Crow going in to more detail about that:

“You might be asking, why open a  Ko-fi? It is a way to contribute and show support. I love working on the POVs. They give me a use for my overactive imagination and let me continue sharing new content with y'all. Which, in turn, helps keep me excited and motivated to work on the game. But having said that, writing them is also hard work and time-consuming. And while I wish I had unlimited time and resources, that just isn't the case. Opening up this Ko-fi allows those of you who are financially able and willing to contribute to show your support. 

Don't worry, nothing is changing with the POVs themselves. The short stories I write for Truths Untold have always been--and will continue to be free for everyone to read and enjoy. Having the option for people to give financial support just allows me to justify spending more time on the POVs and helps ease my mind a bit. 

Every little bit helps and is much appreciated, but believe me, I know that times are tough right now, and a dollar doesn't stretch as far as it used to. So if you want to contribute but are unable to give money, there are still other ways you can help out. So no pressure. Simple things, like sharing our game with people you think might enjoy it, or leaving an encouraging comment for us, are both great alternatives.”

If you'd like to give and show a little monetary love to CrowofWhimsey  please follow the link here: https://ko-fi.com/crowofwhimsy

Speaking of the POV's... I have attached the most recent ones, in case you haven't seen them on our Discord yet. These are the final two in the situation we've called "Miss Fernside is a Crying Mess"  hehehe. These POV's describe how each LI would hypothetically react if they found Miss Fernside crying. We hope you enjoy them! (Please read the numbers at the bottom right, They keep loading out of order, sorry for the inconvenience.)

 So, that's the update folks. As always we want to give a warm welcome to all our new followers and a special thank you to everyone who has commented here and on social media. Your support means so much to us! 

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First let me say, oh my goodness, I absolutely love that Worthington snippet! It's so well-written and bittersweet. He's the gentleman I'm most intrigued to romance in the game, mostly because I love mannered, older/more mature types. The type that desperately hides his love behind the ol' faithful 'propriety' (the type a young lady needs to carefully charm out of his shell), frequently feeling he ought just give up this young persons' game, until he catches sight of the young lady in question and his heart clenches and the world he feels he knows is somehow refreshed and sweetened just by her existence, and he abandons all hope of forgetting her.

He's the type who tells himself it's wrong or foolish to even entertain the idea of pursuing this eligible young lady when there are other suitors closer to her age who would surely be the lady's preferred option. What could she possibly want of him, a man set in his habits and nigh old enough to be her own father?

And yet this 'forbidden', perhaps even foreign depth of feeling only grows more constant and more insistent as the days pass. It is tempered, thankfully, by his ever-present common sense that advises it best he keep it hidden, lest it prove unrequited and thoroughly embarrass himself and the lady both. After all, what indication has she given that such a feeling would ever be returned - he, who is surely akin to little more then a trusted uncle?

So he contents himself in simply cherishing a moment and a word shared with this clever young woman, even in a room full of people. He staunchly refuses to think upon how the shining of her eyes and a mere smile on her pretty lips as she speaks captures his attention so completely that for a moment he forgets the topic they were discussing. And when she falters on her words and colour blossoms on her cheeks at his darkened gaze; when she reaches out to softly rest her gloved hand upon his arm and squeeze ever so slightly, a fleeting touch, he tells himself it's all just the gaiety of the evening, and nothing more. He drags his eyes away and feels a pang in his gut. When a tune is struck up thereafter, he excuses himself for a drink, and as he takes up a glass for her along with his, he sees her dancing in the arms of a young man - one of her suitors. Their forms suit each other perfectly, they of similar heights, so unlike how he towers over her petite form. The idea that he too might invite her into his arms as her younger suitor has, to hold her as that man does and it be welcomed with something other than mere polite regard, makes him feel an utter fool. Of course not. He smiles sardonically, shakes his head, then drains his glass and hers both. Coward. Such a coward.

He feels a sense of relief when he's promptly given a reason to leave, and makes his excuses so he can just as promptly take it. If the young lady searches for him with bright eyes when her dance is done, and if her eyes dim and her exuberance melts away when she cannot find his tall, handsome form among the room, realising shortly thereafter that he did not find her company pleasing enough to wait upon for even a single dance, well, he is used to feeling regret, what is one more?

IDK where I was going with that, or why it got kind of depressing... LOL. Anyway! I just wanted to leave this note to let you know how much I enjoyed that snippet, and that it makes me want to experience more of Mr Worthington's romance as soon as it comes.

I've followed this game from the start, and I really do wish you luck in your continued efforts! :)

We are so glad you enjoyed his snippet!

Thank you so much for following us from the beginning! We appreciate it so much .