Just Checking In

Hello All,

Sorry it has been so long since the last Devlog. There has been a lot going on. CrowOfWhimsy had some health issues the last few months but is doing much better. Not to mention all the holidays and such. Speaking of which, I hope you each had a great New Year! 
Needless to say we didn't work much the last couple months, but we have been back at it this week and are glad to be back on a steady work flow.

We are getting excited because we almost have the music done for the next demo update! The licensing contracts are about to be sent out and after the legal side is done we can start putting in original music just for Truths Untold by our composer and some other artists. We will share all about them once we release the next demo update. 

As always I want to say hello and welcome to all our new followers. Thanks for playing and following, it means a lot to us!


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Can't wait for the update! Hope you are doing well <3

Thank you so much and CrowofWhimsy is doing much better, we are well and excited for the demo update too 🥰❤️



Can't wait, I hope you all are doing well!

ah im so excited for the next update!