Hello 2022

Happy New Year to all!

I hope the holidays were a wonderful time for everyone and if they were not, I hope this new year brings with it new joys. 

I want to welcome all our new followers and express our continued gratitude to those who have been following us for a while. 

Firstly, we apologize for how long it’s been since our last update. The last few months had many ups and downs and personal setbacks for CrowofWhimsy and I. So much so we were beginning to wonder if things would ever settle down, but with the new year things seem to be doing just that and we are eager to get back on track and  continue working on our beloved Truths Untold. 

Secondly, despite all that we went through the last few months, we have made some progress even though it wasn’t as much as we would have liked. But with a new year comes new goals and a game plan for making up for lost time.

Lastly we want to share a few things we have done and things we are excited about for our VN:

-20,367 words added since our last update

-We have added a new scene we are really excited to write. It wasn’t in our initial outline but it will be a great chance to see one of our LI’s in an interesting situation.

-We had a  meeting last week to discuss goals and ideas for 2022. 

-We will continue to add LI-Tidbits to our Discord as well weekly polls and discussions. ( I will attach the most recent LI-Tidbit. *See below for the description )

As usual, upwards and onwards (that seems to be the theme for writing our VN 😂)

Please join our Discord community for more fun things involving Truths Untold! 

Thank you all for your support and patience.


*The attached LI-Tidbit is a Sinclair POV. It is a hypothetical situation which asks, if Cpt.Sinclair found Miss. Fernside crying on the floor, What would he do?









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New scene sounds like fun! Thanks so much for the update - glad to hear you are both well and excited!


Oh, thank goodness, after such a long pause I was afraid to get bad news but this is wonderful! I’m excited about the new scene and I hope to hear more from you guys