Quick update

Hello all,

Just a quick update to let you know that we are still going strong, an uphill climb perhaps, but a climb that will end with a lovely view at the top. 


  • Approximately 20,600 added since last update 
  • We’ve added an LI Tidbits channel to our Discord. There you will find fun facts, details and POV’s ( *like the ones included above) of our lovable LI’s (love interests.) If you haven’t joined our Discord already, please click the link below. 
  • Working on another fun thing but that is all I can say about that for now. We will tell you more on that in a later update 

Thanks for the follows and the comments. We are truly humbled by the continued support and encouragement from you all!

Have a lovely week!

Until next update,


*The tidbits are a "What If" situation.  It takes place in an altered reality where Miss Fernside doesn't have the scandal hanging over her.  And we are approaching this from an angle of genuine affection and romantic, not just friendly, interest from the LIs. So basically, all the LIs are well acquainted with Miss Fernside and crushing but are not engaged nor have any claim over her socially. The question: What if someone was flirting hard with Miss Fernside at a party, and it was making the LI jealous. What would they do?  

We hope you guys enjoy the POV’s









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I like the double meaning of 'trifle' in Mr Worthington's POV. *raises an eyebrow* <3

Thank you for these! They really add to their characters, and still NOPE to Guy. XD

We are glad you are enjoying them!

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Oh my I just read these little snippets from each of the guys and I absolutely love them! Really liking the point of view from their side! It's clear they're smitten already :D Really looking forward to more!!

Thank you so much! The other Dev CrowofWhimsy wrote them. They are so fun. I am glad you commented because I realized I forgot to add some background info about the POV’s. I added that to the bottom of the update. Check out the (*)

Thanks again for the comment and I am glad you enjoyed the POV’s