* Browser version works in Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome. It has not been tested in Firefox. It has had mixed results in Brave. We recommend you make it fullscreen (button in the bottom right corner of the game window.) Otherwise, it is very difficult to read the text. Also, the transitions for sprites are not as fluid as in the downloaded version. There may be some crackling in the music for the web version that isn't there for the downloadable version.  But we hope you still enjoy it!

~ Story ~

The Fernside's have a family secret.  And when Miss Fernside and her family come home from a sudden trip abroad, they return to a vastly changed social landscape.  In their absence, rumors of the most vile kind have spread about Miss Fernside.  Her innocence could easily be proven, but sometimes the truth can be more damaging than a lie.

Help Miss Fernside navigate this new social world she finds herself in.  Will she discover the source of the rumors?  Find a way back into proper society?  Make the most of her new role as a scandalous woman?  Or Find love?

You help shape her story.  And answer the question; How does one move forward when the truth isn't an option?

~ Game Features ~

* Female Protagonist

* 3 Love Interests

*  MC's first name can be customized

* Immersive choices that shape personality and narrative

* 12 BGs for demo (some with variants depending on time of day)

* 5 CGs for demo (some with variants based on choices)

* 3 Scenes where you decide what MC wears in demo

* Dynamic sprites that have wide range of expressions 

* 8 Side characters with sprites (so far...)

*5+ Endings planned for finished game

* Word count for demo is 36,000

~ Game Play ~

Choices are about role-playing and narrative building

Choices aren't just for major story impacting moments, but also for the smaller ones, adding a more immersive role-playing experience. For example, the choice of what dress to wear to a ball or the nuance of a minor conversation.  

Three personality archetypes you can freely choose between

Mix and match as you feel fits your Miss Fernside.  And based on the choices you have made, the game will track which personality type is the most dominant, and adds variety and color to the text of the narrative.

A different sort of stat building

Instead of trying to up the level of affection points you have with a particular love interest, our game focuses on building a narrative around the MC and each potential suitor.  Miss Fernside's previous choices color her opinion and inclination towards each one, opening up and changing dialog and interactions as you move forward in the story. 

More to come

This is a beta for the demo.  It is lacking some features we plan on adding like: original theme song and music. This build is mostly to make sure the game works well and to iron out any issues before a proper demo release and Kickstarter. This also means that you are one of the first to play this version of our game EVER. Yay!  We really appreciate you taking the time to play and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback! 

To meet the main characters see below.  WARNING: Minor spoilers beyond this point.

~ Main Characters ~

The daughter of one of the most prominent families in Davenbury. Beloved for her beauty, spirit, and wit, now that circumstances have changed, you help to shape her personality and how she navigates the challenges ahead.

Childhood friend, and Miss Fernside's first love, Guy Linfield, inherited the neighboring estate, Halbridge, after the unexpected passing of his father and elder brother a few years ago. Having been separated for a year, while Miss Fernside traveled abroad, and now, with new social pressures placed upon both Guy and Miss Fernside, how will the change in prospects affect their relationship?

A loyal family friend and longtime companion to the Fernsides, Mr. Worthington, spent much of his life in trade before settling in Davenbury. His father sold off the family business a decade ago and bought the entailment to the long, empty Chalton Manor.  His father, dying not long after, left to Mr. Worthington the manor house, and life as landed gentry. However, the idleness of a country gentleman has never come naturally to Mr. Worthington, even after all these years.

Ashore on half-pay, and awaiting a new commission, Cpt. Sinclair is the guest of Miss Fernside's cousin, Ludlow. Since his arrival, his name has been on the lips of every gossip in town, rivaling even Miss Fernside's as a favorite topic of discussion. But with the Captian's easy charm and playful smile, he has never had a problem ingratiating himself into any society he finds himself in. And Davenbury seems to be no exception.

~ Social Media ~

To stay up to date on the latest news, follow us here on Itch.io.  And/or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Join the conversation over at Discord!

Instructions for download

Windows Version:

  1. Download TruthsUntoldDemo-Demo.v.1.0-pc.zip
  2. Open downloaded zip
  3. Extract the TruthsUntoldDemo-Demo.v.1.0-pc.zip file to desktop (for simple access) or other location.
  4. Open TruthsUntoldDemo-Demo.v.1.0-pc.zip file from location (ex. Desktop if this is where you extracted zip file to)
  5.  Double click TruthsUntoldDemo.exe to run the game (the one labeled Application under Type)

Mac Version:

  1. Download TruthsUntoldDemo-Demo.v.1.0-mac.zip
  2. Open downloaded zip
  3.  Double click TruthsUntoldDemo to run the game.
    1. Your security preferences may not allow you to run the game. If that is the case, go to your system preferences.
    2. Click “Security & Privacy.”
    3. Under “General” you should see that the game was blocked. Click “Open Anyway” and then “Open”


TruthsUntoldDemo-Demo.v.1.0-mac.zip 133 MB
TruthsUntoldDemo-Demo.v.1.0-pc.zip 151 MB

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First of all I absolutely love the writing. Second, I'm so glad to have found another period era otome game! Excited to see the rest of the story.

Sorry but, what is the other game?

I'm guessing they're talking about The Lady's Choice. You can find it on here for free.

Thank you!


I was hesitant to play this game, mainly because I wasn't certain about the love interest's. But when I actually played it I was blown away by the utter ruthlessness' of society in this game. Also I absolutely love Sinclair, because he seems to be the only person in the entire town who is actually listening to the Mc. Worthington isn't that bad either, I feel as though he is trying to protect the Mc by marrying her, while his methods may be a bit sudden, I think that he does have our best interest at heart. But Linfield, in my humble opinion, can go sod himself (Me trying to use English slang) after how long he has know us, he turns his back on us over one rumor that he should know to be untrue!! I would not be against Sinclair beating the crap out of him and then us stealing his dog because Orion is way to good for that bastard! Anyway, love your game and cannot wait for it to be released.


I can't wait for the full version!

I was quiet surprised that the writing of this game actually lured me to the hurdles of MC's life, as if I had become one with her through ups and downs. Although it was a bit confusing for me at the beginning, because I seemed to not understand much about what happened, but the journey I went through from this story was so worth it that I couldn't help but go along it for hours. 

Tbh I thought that Mr. Worthington would be the best option for me, but as I get deeper into the story I think he's more like a big brother rather than a life long partner. And I guess so far Cpt. Sinclair was a bit intriguing, I need a better knowledge of who he really is. Well for Guy, I had enough with him, I had in mind that maybe he has been through lot of thing but nevertheless he should've treated MC better. 

I love that this game was set in regency/Georgian era, kind of remind me of Emma by Jane Austen. 

Once again I'm so looking forward for Truth Untold's development <3


Thank you so, so much for this comment and for playing the demo! We appreciate it ❤️


I like your POV´s. I curios about the POV Worthington comfort the MC.


Thank you so much! The other Dev writes those, she does a great job :) I know she has started on that one but she has not finished it yet. We give more updates on those in our Discord. If you haven't already, please feel free to join our Discord. We'd love to have you. There are links to it in the recent Devlogs.


Not sure if you joined the Discord yet or not but just FYI, the Worthington POV is posted now 😊😉👍🏼

I know. I joined Discord. Thanks for the Info:-)


I loved everything about this demo, from the compelling story and characters and the wonderful writing to the beautiful music and graphics (I really liked the animated character sprites!). I truly look forward to playing the complete VN!

Thank you so much! We are delighted that you enjoyed it. And I love your username “StoryDreamer.” We appreciate the kind feedback and are so glad you played the Demo.

Dang the writing in this feels amazing. This was so interesting since I don't really know much about these eras...Great Work! I really want to find out more about the story's progression. 


Thanks for playing and for the kind feedback. We try to do a devlog every month/every other month to keep everyone up to date on our progress. We also have a Discord with extra tidbits and polls and fun stuff like that ( link to that at the bottom of each devlog) 

Thanks again and I hope you have a great day 🥰


<3 Lots of love for your work!

Can I say that Cpt. Sinclair reminds me of Brash from Demonheart, with that crooked smile and hair, but with an much more irritating face. However he eventually grew on me with his unexpected moments of consideration and support.

I actually think that the dispassionate proposal from Mr. Worthington makes sense. He is in a way, trying to approach it from the perspective of a protector who is trying to fix a mistake, and may be afraid of scaring her away from him by showing any romantic affection. After all, he has known her since she was a young girl, and he definitely does not want her to think that he has been thinking of her in that inappropriate way.

I have no affection for Guy. I certainly agree with the Miss Fernside, that if he could think her capable of the rumours, that he is unworthy of her.

It is definitely very rewarding to have supportive parents, even if the friends are nonexistent. I really hope to have the option of some kind of reconciliation between Miss. Fernside and her friends, or even for her to make new ones!

I'm also hoping that Miss. Fernside might pick up some other hobbies. It seemed that a lot of time passed ingame with her not really doing very much. Perhaps she might try to wrap her thoughts around Plato, trade, military strategy, or maybe even sewing dolls for the orphanage. Anything but being idle!

I am SO looking forward to this game and its Kickstarter! <3

Thank you for creating this!

Thank you for playing the demo and for your thoughtful comments. 
It was our pleasure creating it and made even more so by players like you :)


Oh my... I can't wait for the full release. Truths untold is just what I needed right now ! I have to admit Mr. Worthington is my favorite, but I like Guy too. I mean... the angst ! And a childhood sweetheart? Yes I'm here for it ! The captain? Well I don't see him as a potential RO yet... But, but ! It's probably because I'm biased and am only focused on Mr. Worthington haha. Anyway thank you for this pearl ! And I wish you all the best ♥


Awww thank you so much for playing the demo and letting us know your thoughts. I am so glad you found it when you needed it ❤️  It is always fun for us to hear people are excited for the game with us. We appreciate the well wishes and you are very welcome.

Just out of curiosity, percentage-wise, roughly how close is this game to completion? Interactive regency games are my absolute favorite and I adored this demo way back when I originally played it, so I'm always happy to see a new update pop up on my feed. :)


Thank you and we appreciate you keeping up with our progress. It’s hard to give an exact percentage, as the game is ever evolving and the variations are a beast. But I can tell you that Sinclair and Guy’s routes are about 50% done. 

Mr. Worthington’s route is outlined and we have a clear direction but scenes and characters often materialize as we write, so I am sure his route will have some added scenes we have not foreseen. 

It has been a slow process but the good news is we are always moving forward.

I hope that answered your question. Thanks again for your kind words and for keeping up with our updates. It really means a lot to both of us 🥰


Great artwork, excited for the full release!

Thank you so much for playing the demo and for leaving feedback. We appreciate it.

Aaah this was so good!! Really excited for the rest of it <3 I loved all the LIs but I'm kinda leaning towards Guy, lol. I just like angst


Yay! Thanks for playing. And wahoo for Guy and angst 😄 If you have Discord, feel free to join ours and root for Guy. He is sorely outnumbered hahah. We’d love to have ya.

You can find the link in the devlogs 

Thanks again! We appreciate the feedback.


I loved it! Can't wait for the full story to be released!

Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️


I'm not usually a fan of VNs, but I really got into this thanks to the fantastic writing. Another fan of Mr. Worthington here! I agree with the Colonel Brandon comparisons but I'd add a touch of Mr. Thornton too (perhaps more looks-wise). I loved the way he kept coming to the rescue. I understood why our character resisted thinking of him in that way, but we really seemed to be digging our heels in the dirt about it. I was a little bit disappointed at the dispassionate manner of his proposal and his curtness when Sunday came around - I almost wanted to reject him because of that (without discouraging him entirely). I hope the full game will have the slow-burn build-up with this character and perhaps have him hide his feelings a bit longer to give us a chance to really fall for him. Great artwork, some really funny dialogue, and I liked the clothing selection. I'm looking forward to the full game!


This is extra special praise considering you are not usually a fan of VNs. 

Yes, I think many share your feelings about Mr. Worthington's dispassionate proposal, but as the game progresses perhaps there will be some slow-burn, perhaps not (heheh am I being allusive enough?)

Thank you so much for playing the demo and for the kind feedback.


I love the game! I cannot wait for it to be completed XD

Thank you! Neither can we hehe ;)
We appreciate the support and thank you for playing the demo.


I like this demo very much! The Music is very emotional and beautiful.  The changes in the dialogue is very nicely done. Mr. Worthington is my favourite . But Captain Sinclair is just behind. His qualities are very positive in the new demo. Mr. Linfield owed us a good explanation for his rude behavior. I like Orion more as his owner. Keep up this great work. Thank you for this beautiful game. Looking for new updates and the final product.


Thank you for playing and commenting! Your kind words mean a lot and we can’t wait to deliver the final product ❤️


This demo was so good!! The story was super engaging and I love the dialogue. It was definitely evident that the way you choose to speak and feel about things influenced your character and other people's attitudes towards you. The interactions with other characters felt very natural and realistic. You do often have dialogue choices, but even when you don't your character speaks in a way consistent with your previous choices. The game is very dialogue-heavy and it was super engrossing; I replayed a few different conversations to see how they'd go and it was interesting to see how different dialogue choices influenced the conversation. The CGs were great as well, and the dressing-up parts were fun. I loved how the dresses influenced what people said about you. It really helped convey the point of people in this society being very judgmental down to even the color of dress you're wearing. I ship MC x Mr. Linfield because she seems really in love with him and it's very bittersweet (hell yeah gimme that angst), but Mr. Worthington is such a good guy and I think they'd be great together too if she opened up her heart to him. Cpt. Sinclair is definitely a bit of a scoundrel but I found the dialogue with him to be the most interesting. Best of luck with the rest of the game, looking forward to the finished product! :) 

Thank you for playing the demo and for sharing your thoughts on the game. We really appreciate it!
Also, I am glad to see someone rooting for Guy Linfield. We were discussing his rather “underdog” position in the demo over in our Discord server and hoping he’d get some love, so I am glad to hear you’d ship them first 🥰

Hi I really enjoyed this Demo, I am glad that you have given me an opportunity to do so.I have to say that I haven't played anything this good Since Regency Love came out, and that was a while ago. 

It would be a shame to see your VN join the hundreds of other abandoned projects on here, with that being said I'm given reason to hope otherwise seeing as you've responded to similar questions in the comment section below. 

Thank you so much for playing the demo and taking the time to comment. We really appreciate it.

I will say as confidently as I can that you have every reason to hope. ☺️  We have already put too much work, time and love into it not to finish it. 
One of our main reasons for releasing a demo before the whole game has been written was to keep us accountable and motivated to and by players such as yourself! 
Thanks again and if you have Discord we’d love to have you join our server to talk about the game more and we have fun polls every week and such. ( links are in the devlog) 


lol capt hugh looks like Bill Weasely and I am all for it




I generally don't play demos because I've been burned before where I fall in love with games and they get abandoned, but I may just crack for Truths Untold.  It just sounds so good, plenty of choices, able to shape the MCs personality, and it has my favorite trope of all time: a childhood friend LI.  I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this at any rate!

(1 edit) (+1)

Well, we will take a “maybe” player any day! We definitely don’t have plans of abandoning the project. We’ve come too far, no turning back now 😂

But be forewarned, the childhood friend LI doesn’t really get a chance to shine till later in the story (past the demo) BUT if you do decide to “crack for us” I’d love to hear your thoughts on him, he seems to be the underdog as of now. 

Regardless if you decide to play or not, we still want to say thank you for checking out Truths Untold. We appreciate it ❤️


(7 edits) (+4)

I like this game; the more Regency/Victorian games, the better!

My MC has a sharp tongue and lots of spirit. What society did to her was extremely unfair, (un)fortunately, she's not one to hold back from speaking her mind and putting people in their places. There shall be a reckoning for whoever started the rumor. It's scandalous and likely to land her in some hot water, but as the saying goes "I will not have the fame without the benefit." In a sense, Mrs. Harlow could almost pass as her role model.

Also, of all the ROs, Mr. Worthington is my favorite. Linfield is... well... he can take a nose dive into a ditch after what happened. Sinclair gives me bad vibes, like those guys that like to take women for a spin and then dump them when bored. (Also, not really a good idea to marry someone who is going to spend large amounts of time away.) 

Worthington is considerate, respectful and a long-time friend; a good foundation for a relationship. His origins and age put him at a disadvantage, by society's standards, but I consider him the best candidate (also because the other two aren't in a good position to begin with).


Yay, we are glad you liked it! And I enjoyed  reading how you played your MC and your thoughts on the LIs. Thanks for playing the demo. 


I love the Demo.  Will there be more of this story?


Thank you! We are glad you enjoyed the demo. Yes, there is sooo much more to the story. This was just a small sample. We are still writing and working weekly on the rest of the VN. We try to post monthly updates on our devlogs. 


Oh Yay! :) 

(1 edit) (+4)

More sauciness, I say! I love playing a quick-witted, spirited young lady who loves horses, scandal, and doesn’t care a whit about what society says. I see the other two routes are basically being Elinor Dashwood or playing it very straight as a blushing, virginal maiden. But, quite honestly, I prefer the saucy lass.  

I pursued Mr Worthington (DADDY) and I cannot complain; all the tension had me metaphorically biting my nails. I imagine the full game will allow different interactions and dialogue options that don’t make the romance seem so one-sided; at times I wanted to slap the MC and yell “you fool! he is hot and yes we want him!” because she seemed so put off by his very presence. 

However, I am a bit uncomfortable by certain implications found in the MC and Mr Worthington romance. How young is she? And, more importantly, how old was she when she enjoyed those riding trips with him? I can tell he was inspired by Col Brandon and Mr Knightley (fave), as he is a combination of the most questionable aspects of both romances.

I mean, girls sometimes presented in society as young as twelve, you know? The art makes her look as someone between fifteen and twenty, so that I can’t tell what age she’s supposed to be in-story. I wouldn’t mind if she’s twenty and he’s in his early thirties (which is what he seems/looks like), but if she’s younger than that and on top of that took riding lessons with him when she was a little girl. That’s… weird. Off-putting kind of weird. It doesn’t reflect well on his character, that’s all. And I know it wouldn’t raise eyebrows during the Regency, but we know better now, and there are better ways to preserve historical accuracy (which I like in this particular game, by the way) than playing as some bloke’s child bride.

Anyway, I can definitely see myself doing a second playthrough for the dastardly Capitan Sinclair; I never even thought to pursue him, but he won me over completely. Actually, I think that if this were an actual regency novel, I would prefer the official ending to be MC/Sinclair, though I still prefer Mr Worthington myself.  

I suppose I’d also go through the Lindfield romance route if only to see what the full story is, though I don’t find him particularly interesting and, to be quite honest, I dislike him.  

I’m bisexual and I’d love a GxG romance route with either Emily or Jane, to be honest, though I understand why the developer would choose not to go with it.  

Let’s talk about the supporting cast! Lady Harlow is delightful and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her or any other like-minded character (maybe we'll get to see the scandalous London season?). The MC’s parents are also fun characters, each alive with their own personality and agenda. I wonder if we will ever see James…   

By the way, I am not so opposed to the cousin. I mean—in Rome, do as the Romans do… and, at the time, being with a first cousin wasn’t so bad. It could be a joke ending to end with the dull cousin, wear the trousers in the relationship, and end as a Bad Bitch.

Wishing the best to the developers! It is a great demo.


Thank you so much for playing and for your best wishes. We also really appreciate you taking the time to comment. ☺️

Perhaps I can alleviate some of your concerns in regards to Mr. Worthington. MC is in her early twenties and he is in his late thirties. As far as the riding together, for the sake of the story, we needed an event that would cause the gossips to gossip. So riding alone with a family friend was normal to her, but could definitely get the busybodies tongues wagging. But also rest assured that Mr. Worthington, like Mr. Knightly ( also a fav of ours) is a very honorable man and there is no sinister motivations towards MC. He has known her since she was a child but she is in no way his “Child bride” or preyed upon by him in any way. I don’t want to give spoilers of course, but as far as the demo shows we do not know what his true feelings towards her are yet. 

I am so glad you liked the supporting cast! We really strived to make everyone seem real and alive, so thank you so much  for that comment. As far as James, you’ll just have to wait for the full demo to see if you ever get to meet him.

Ludlow actually has his own little band of supporters we’ve found, love that!

We have a Discord if you ever want to jump in and chat more about the game. We have fun polls every Monday. There are links in the devlogs. 

Thanks again!


(2 edits) (+3)

Omg. I lOOOOVED the drama in this, ha. Totally living for it right now.  Mr. Worthington and Lady Harlow are my MVPs, haaaaa!

I'll try to go back now and play the other routes, but ma girl is like... "Dump that locket asap.... who needs him... and ditch that creepo guy who keeps stalking me in the woods, ha. I just want to go horseback riding everyday with my landed gentry hot husband, lalala!"

Not sure if this will be a free game in the end, but I'd happily pay for the final game/dlcs/etc.  Following from now on! Best wishes on your future work and happy holidays!

Forgot to mention -- Worthington very much reminds me of Mr. Knightley, love it!


Wahoo! Love this and your enthusiasm for our game is just ❤️❤️❤️

The game will not be free so I am glad to hear you love it enough to pay for it hahah. Our goal has always been to make a quality storyline with great characters and a lot of replay ability. 

Thank you so much for playing and if you have Discord we’d love to have you over on our server. ( lots of Worthington love over there ☺️)


Happy New Year,


This is so good! I loved playing it! I can see myself falling in love with all of the characters! They feel refreshingly well thought out. I can't wait to see what will come next! I will say, so far my favorite love interest is Worthington, I can't help but think of Darcy or Colonel Brandon, which are some of my favorite of Austen's love interests. I am quite interested to see how the Guy route works out. I feel like I'm going to spend that whole time feeling bad about putting Emily through that pain of stealing her man again. Anyways, Thanks for such a fun demo!!

Thank you so much for playing and for your kind comments. Mr. Worthington definitely seems to be the favorite and yes we wrote him with a bit of colonel Brandon and a little bit of Knightley in mind 🥰 ( my favorites ) 

I am glad you are interested in the Guy route as well. We kind of feel he doesn’t really get his moment in the demo ( I mean he does break her heart, not a good foot to start with 😬) but there are some great ones in the full game. Of course our hope is all three LI storylines will want to be played and there will be something to love about each one.

If you’d like to join our discord server, we’d love to have you. We discuss Truths Untold, Jane Austen, we have weekly polls and discussions and much more!


Thanks again for playing and have a lovely day! 



I loved the game! I think it's the first where I didn't skip one bit and the storyline actually got my full attention. I am in love with Mr. Worthington cause I somehow see Mr. Darcy in him haha. 
If the full game is released, will it also be available here in the web? 
Anyways, keep doing a great job!! I really admire your work! Thank you for creating this! :)


Thank you for playing and I am so glad it grabbed your attention and you didn’t skip ☺️  That is so nice of you to say. The game will be available here and on Steam and eventually we hope it will be able to be played on phones and tablets. 

Thanks again and please feel free to join our discord server if you’d like to chat more about the demo. 




Okay, first of all I must say that I liked it and secondly that I am looking forward to the full release. I really loved everything about the game. The background music, writing ... from the graphics that look like a beautiful painting (and it moves!) to the characters. I already see that I will have to play more than once to be satisfied because two characters completely different from each other have already made my head scrr (and sorry if I wrote something wrong, I don't speak English but I needed to say that the game is a pearl


Thank you so much and your English was wonderful. I understood it all and your comments were so kind. We are thrilled you enjoyed it. I love the description “pearl” 🥰

Just out of curiosity, which two love interests (LI’s) were you interested in?

Thanks for playing and stay tuned for further updates and timelines. 


I in love and couldn't wait for more! The writing so charming. And even I'm not use to the art, I've to admit it suit the game theme and bring up the atmosphere very well.

It would be better if you change the UI and History text font to an easier-to-read font, like the textbox/web font? (and would even better if the game have a new UI, but I understand it all up to you guy anyw!)

Thank you for playing and we are glad it left you wanting more. 
We have had some trouble with easy to read yet pretty font so we will definitely keep that in mind. 
Thanks again ☺️

Just one more question: will the game also on Steam or just Itch? (◕‿◕)


we plan to have it on Steam as well 😉👍🏼

I'm so glad! I would support the game either way but I'm a sucker for Steam Link cuz my back can rest while I enjoy the game xD


This game was a pleasant surprise! I am a little tired of straightforward otome games without some kind of twist, but this was not only a dating game, but an excellent and engaging story. The characters were believable, and not simply wish fulfillment. I loved the storyline of a girl with a compromised reputation and what that might feel like, as well as her beautifully articulated emotions towards her family, her friends, and her lost love. The facial art and movement in particular made the sprites feel alive.

I especially want to praise the attention to period detail. I know Regency Britain pretty well, and often artists and writers who cover that period want their main character to be superior to the setting, as if they hold a disdain for it. I deeply appreciate that you didn't overly modernize the character. She is bold and opinionated for her time, but also holds true to the values of the society she grew up in. She cares about the opinion of society, because it will determine her entire future, and this game shows exactly what being exiled from society feels like. Even small things, like the distance between Colette and the maid, provide an insight into how this culture is different from our own. People from the past can be lovable, intelligent, and interesting without being exactly like us. And the costumes are appropriate and beautiful- I'm no expert for exact details but I appreciated the use of hats outdoors and high necklines for daytime. 

I really like Mr. Worthington. It's a 18th/19th century trope to name characters after their personalities, and his 'worth'  and consideration was really appreciated after being dropped by Guy! I don't know how you managed to make a sprite convey so much emotion through his facial expressions! Plus he looks like Richard Armitage, which doesn't hurt. As much as I like him, that proposal was so awkward that I felt second hand embarrassment for Colette! I suppose Jane Austen would call it a 'manly' proposal, but with the parents pushing it, and his talk about friendship and alliances, I almost felt sorry for him. 

I'm looking forward to the full game! Very cruel and very effective to cut us off right after the proposal. 

Thank you so much for playing and your kind comments!

The fact that you know Regency Britain and praised the exact things we strived to accomplish really means a lot! Our goal from the very beginning was to make the story and characters believable within the period, we wanted it to be a strong story with well rounded characters and hopefully please even historians if they happened to play :)

The other dev, CrowOfWhimsy, does all the art and programming. Every time she shows me a new sprite I am blown away. She is so good!

You mentioned so many specific things that CrowOfWhimsy and I discussed ourselves and purposely did, so it’s so exciting to know it’s been noticed. 

And you hit the nail on the head with Worthington. His look was indeed inspired by Richard Armitage. The proposal was supposed to be a bit business like and awkward. It’s terribly unromantic but fear not Worthington’s route will have romance to make up for that.😉

Forgive us for the cruel cliff hanger ☺️ but please feel free join us over on our Discord server if you’d like, we have weekly polls and discussions about Truths Untold and lots about Worthington ❤️ There are links in the devlogs 👍🏼

Thanks again!


What a lovely game! I love both Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Worthington! I was surprised that I enjoyed Mr. Sinclair as much as I did but he turned out to be very geniune. And I couldn't find any faults in Mr. Worthington's behavior or treatment of MC- he's such a good man. Do you have a tentative approximate time for release- even if it's just what year it might be released in?

Deleted 2 years ago

Sorry, my response accidentally got deleted hopefully you saw my original reply before that happened. 😬

But thanks again for playing and our goal is by early/middle of 2022 to have it completed but we will give regular updates to keep you all posted every step of the way 👍🏼


So excited about this to be out!! 

We are so glad you are excited! We are too, we still have a lot of work ahead but we are working diligently to get it done for all of you. Thanks for leaving a comment 🥰❤️


it is almost 5am playing this and Ive just finished the Demo w no sleep.... I am utterly defeated. thought okay cute a little kid sweetheart romance route when deciding that Im going to choose Guy and stick with it.. Im broken I played her (the MC) like a heartbroken/lovelorn emotionally defeated widow and I have mad respect for Sinclairs character after all my soulless depressing stuff I pulled. 


Sorry it kept you up 😬😂 but so happy you played. Are you going to play again with different choices? Also just FYI, we have a discord server and we’d love to have you join in the conversation if you haven’t already.


Thanks for playing!


this is a lovely game and thank you for making it <3

You are most welcome and thank you for playing ❤️



The art is gorgeous! It's refreshing to see this style of art in an otome game. The facial expressions everyone makes and the way the transition moves like the mc is looking up to people's height (looking at you Silas 👀) are what I had never experienced in a visual novel game. I'm looking forward to more surprisingly creative details the creators will pull out for us! The atmosphere for the opening of this game is something. None of the dialogues makes me zone out at all. The front is beautiful but it's going to take me more time to read them through for sure. (Hopefully there might be a front option or size alternation?)

(Small spoiler below. I don't know how to insert a spoiler feature so please bear with the length of this comment)




As you can tell, my fav LI might be Mr. Worthington. I'm looking forward for interactions with less... pressure? between the two. Some flashbacks to the scenes that can show us why she can confidently say he's a friend to confine to despite the age gap would be nice. So far in the demo the air is filled with such intensity that noone is at ease with each other; especially these two. The scene before the demo ends is rather a surprise for me. Although as much as I'm in for his route, it can't be help that everyone knows it's out of responsibility ( or not? Let's see how their relationship will develop over time) 

I hope there will be more reactions to the mc dialogue responses though. Just a little acknowledgement to the dress we just picked, the way mc spoke to them, and her internal monologue including how mc can acknowledge her mood after what we chose too.

Lastly, I can see how much passion you two put into this game. Keep up with all the love you can throw into this gem!

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I am glad you can sense all the love and passion we are putting into it, it is our little gem. Thank you so much for playing and your kind words, it means a lot to us :) We can’t wait till we are finished with it so you all can play and play and play. I think most of your questions and wondering will be answered in due time 🥰😉

Thanks again and we are glad to have you over on discord



Oh, much love went into making this. I'm surprised by the amount of expressions and the fact that you even bothered to adjust the character's point of focus via their eye position.

May I assume that the shacking at the beginning should simulate the carriage moving over small bumps in the road?

thank you so much Amber and much love indeed has and is going into our game 🥰

Yes, the shaking in the beginning is the carriage hitting bumps and such. I was just working on the sound effects for those jostles which should make it more apparent.

once again thank you so much for playing and dropping us some love 


I forgot to mention that Silas and Hugh are nicely fleshed out in the demo. Guy didn't grab me yet, but I guess that will change when we get more scenes with him.

Yes, as far as Guy, his best is yet to come hahaha 

Wow I loved playing this! The art is lovely, the story is lovely... Unexpectedly I like all three of the love interests a lot, Sinclair surprised me with his moment of genuine kindness and sincerity and would love to get more of those. Worthington is definitely who I would marry IRL, friendship and respect > romantic love for a foundation of a marriage, especially a 19th century marriage. Guy is who my Miss Fernside is holding out for, at least until he actually proposes marriage to Emily. Lowkey Ludlow is the most attractive out of any of them but unfortunately personality-wise he's.... hm. Definitely one of my favorite VNs so far even though it's finished. I'm hoping for some kind of chance to try and make up with Emily too.

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Thank you so much for playing and the lovely feedback. I don’t know if you use discord but we recently did a poll about Emily and had some interesting conversation. (There is a link to our discord in our last devlog) 

Stay tuned for more updates!



This was such a great demo!! I can't wait for the full game to be released. I second the comment about this feeling like a jane austen novel, it really does! I like all the guys so far! Guy is just gonna be full of angst I can sense it already and I'm sure his route will be heart wrenching as I played a resentful Collette lol but then after that meeting near the ruins I wore my locket finally lol Worthington is the one I leaned toward at first, I just sense a passionate man underneath all his gentlemanly demeanor. Sinclair was starting to win me over though! At first I took his crooked grin as a mockery but his sincerity shown through a bit and I was really considering falling for him instead. This has to be finished, it's too good not to be. Adding music and sound effects will be the icing on the cake :D

Thank you for playing and your kind comments. We can’t wait to finish it for you all ❤️  That is interesting that you wore the locket again after the resentment. We love how everyone plays their Miss Fernside so different. 


can't wait to play full game!

I love captain so much. I feel like I can talk with him at ease without worry about my noble manner.lol

Thanks for playing! Sinclair does have a wonderful ease about him ☺️

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Welcome new followers!

I've never played such a story rich game before! really feels like living in a Jane Austen novel This is my second time coming back to play the demo. Any updates on the kickstarter?

Praise indeed! Thank you so much and we really appreciate you coming back for more ☺️

We have been keeping people posted about our updates and Kickstarter on our devlogs and we also have a Discord if you’d like to join the fun over there. We have general discussion, polls, announcements, Q&A and more. There is a link to all of this on the latest devlog but I can also post it here for you if you’d rather. 

Thanks again bamila ❤️🥰


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