Another Step Upward

Hello Everyone,

This will be a quick update, but it's been a few months since our last Devlog and we wanted to check in with you all. 

There is good news! We finally got past the "sanity testing scene" as Crow so eloquently put it. It was full of so many variables and alternate versions that, like the scene before it,  it was a beast to write. The next few scenes should go much quicker as there won't be as many variations and because the next scenes are not having to resolve as much as the couple before it. 

Since the last update we have added 15,000 words and like I mentioned above, we are looking forward to the next few scenes and hopefully gaining a lot more ground in the story. 

I always like to take a minute to welcome all our new followers! It is so encouraging to us that people are still taking the time to follow, play the demo, chat with us and follow along as we progress. It really is an uphill process on a very long staircase but we take each step at a time and always move forward no matter what. Thank you guys for making the climb more enjoyable. 

Also, thank you to everyone who has been following our progress for a while now, you all truly deserve the patience award :)

Please see the links below if you'd like to follow us on our Discord and social media.

Until the next Devlog,






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Keep up the good work!!

Thank you so much ElizaAusten ❤️


Glad to hear you're making progress :D Looking forward to this so much!!

Thank you 😊


I just hoping for update yesterday!


we must have been on the same wavelength 😁👍🏼❤️