Original Soundtrack For Truths Untold is Here!!!

Hello Everyone!

Major Changes

We are excited to finally release the demo with music! Wahoo! We have been so eager to share the original soundtrack with you all. We were so lucky to work with wonderful musicians around the world. 
The original music for Truths Untold was by the very talented german composer Mirko Rizzello.
We have also added authentic Regency dance music to the game by Green Ginger Band. 
And we have some lovely songs lined up to use by Clara Byom, but those will not be used until the full version.

We are so thankful for all these musicians, they were great to work with. 
Please see the links below to check them out and give them some love :)

Mirko Rizzello:

Green Ginger:

Clara Byom:

Thank you all so much for playing and for coming along side us as we build this visual novel. 
We hope you all love the soundtrack as much as we do!

~ CrowOfWhimsy & CoffeeCat

 Minor Changes

• Added in some variables to demo for use in full game

• Changed some dialog about the dinner course.
We learned Georgian dinning was different than the multi-coursed formal dinning that came into use during the Victorian Era. Georgians/Regency dinning only had two courses the savory course and the sweet course.

• Fixed mistake where ctc indicator wasn’t flashing after dialog was finished during Emily’s visit.

• Fixed error where an internal thought of Miss Fernside was attributed to her with her name as if she had said it out loud.

• Minor changes to dialog with Maman after Emily’s visit.

• Fine tuned some animations.

• Minor change to description of Emily and Guy’s dancing.

• For downloaded version we fixed an issue with menu buttons not being formatted correctly

• Changed how which responses to Sinclair during dinner scene are triggered to be shown, from charm stat check to a first impression variable.









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The soundtrack really beautiful and suitable for the game! Especially tittle track, I adore it so much.

Awww yay! Thank you, so glad to hear you like it.